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The School of Medicine of the University of Athens, every year organizes and operates a Master's Program which leads to the acquisition of a Master's Degree in " Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders – Laboratory and Clinical Sleep Medicine ". The administrative support of the Master's Program is exercised by the School of Medicine of the University of Athens.

The program starts every September and the duration of the Master's Program is four (4) semesters.

Master's Program "Sleep Breathing Disorders - Laboratory and Clinical Sleep Medicine" accepts graduates of the School of Health Sciences, School of Positive Sciences, School of Economics and Political Sciences, School of Philosophy, School of Science and Information Technology, graduates of Nursing Departments, Graduates of University Departments of Psychology, Graduates of Polytechnics, Graduates of universities of departments related to the academic subject of Master's Program, graduates of Related Schools, e.g. technical medical laboratories, technical medical instruments, psychology, etc. of the country as well as graduates of corresponding Departments of recognized cognate Institutions abroad.

The selection criteria for the candidates of the said categories are defined in the Program Regulations.

The number of postgraduate students who will be selected in the Master's Program is up to 30. Candidates will enroll in the School of Medicine of the University of Athens.

Attending the Program for obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma (MPS) entails the payment of tuition fees by each student for the operating expenses which amount to a total of €4,000. Tuition fees are paid in 4 installments (students must present a copy of the relevant deposit receipt to the Secretariat). The students in the Master's Program enjoy all the benefits, which are defined by the legislation related to the student status.

Selection criteria for admission to the Master's Program are the grade that will result from the interview, the grade of the degree, the knowledge of the English language, the grade in undergraduate courses related to the subject of the Master's Program, the subject of the undergraduate thesis, the publications/ scientific announcements, the details about the candidate's personality, professional experience, personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc.

For information:

Contact address: Evangelismos Hospital, Ypsilantou 45-47, Kolonaki, Athens, P.O. 10675,

Phone: 6948077654

Secretary: Maria Georgakopoulou